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TAPVI Officers and Board
Roles, Duties and Responsibilities

Committee Chairs and Members
Roles, Duties and Responsibilities

Our Most Recent Face-to-face Board Meeting!


Alison Smith, Houston


Linda Hulett, Houston

Secretary – vacant

Board Member at Large

Meglyn Masters, Houston

Past-President Board Member at Large

Beth Jones

Board Member at Large

Shannon Coffel, Spring

Non-Voting Board Members

Affiliate Leader – San Antonio

Aubri Simpson

Affiliate Leader – Austin


Affiliate Leader – Fort Worth

Margie McInroe

Affiliate Leader – Dallas


Committee Chair – Futures Planning

Brenda Maust, Pasadena

Committee Chair – Webmaster

Bob Smither, Friendswood


Kathi Garza
Texas School for the Blind & Visually Impaired Outreach


Past Board Members:

Liz Eagan, Bastrop/Austin (Board Member at Large 2014-2017) – Liz noted that she is unsure of her future involvement on the board at this time.

Alison Smith, Houston (Board Member at Large 2012-2014 and 2014-2015, Secretary 2015-2017 and 2017-2019, President 2019-2020, -elect 2018-2019, past- 2019-2020)

Veronica Alvarez, Round Rock (President 2015-2016 (-elect 13-15, -past 16-17), Spanish Committee Chair)

Linda Hulett, Houston (Treasurer 2012-2015, Treasurer 2015-2018, Treasurer 2019-present)

Gwen Davis (Board Member at Large 2016-2018)

Karen Whitty, Austin (President 2016-2017, -elect 15-16, past- 2017-2018)

Deb Christoph, Houston (Board Member at Large 2015-2016, President 2017-2018, -elect 2016-2017, resigned in June 2018 and did not serve as past-president)

Joe Paschall, Austin (President 20xx)

Isela Wilson, Rancho Viejo (President 20xx)

Michele Chauvin, Sugar Land (President 20xx)

Alaine Hinds, La Porte (President 20xx)

Crystal Johnson, Spicewood (Secretary 2014-2015)

Laura Boeing, Bastrop (President 20xx)

Jennifer Vincent



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