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TAPVI Officers and Board
Roles, Duties and Responsibilities

Committee Chairs and Members
Roles, Duties and Responsibilities

Our Most Recent Face-to-face Board Meeting!


Bob Smither, Friendswood


Linda Hulett, Houston


Alison Smith, Houston

Board Member at Large

Jessica Hulett, Houston

Board Member at Large

Meglyn Masters, Houston

Board Member at Large

Ryan Coffel, Spring

Board Member at Large

Shannon Coffel, Houston

Non-Voting Board Members

Affiliate Leader – San Antonio

Aubri Simpson

Affiliate Leader – Austin


Affiliate Leader – Fort Worth

Margie McInroe

Affiliate Leader – Dallas


Committee Chair – Futures Planning


Committee Chair – Webmaster

Bob Smither, Friendswood

TSBVI Advisor

Yolanda Shaw
Texas School for the Blind & Visually Impaired Outreach
Kathi Garza
Texas School for the Blind & Visually Impaired Outreach


Past Board Members:

Liz Eagan, Bastrop/Austin (Board Member at Large 2014-2017) – Liz noted that she is unsure of her future involvement on the board at this time.

Alison Smith, Houston (Board Member at Large 2012-2014 and 2014-2015, Secretary 2015-2017 and 2017-2019, President 2019-2020, -elect 2018-2019, past- 2019-2020)

Veronica Alvarez, Round Rock (President 2015-2016 (-elect 13-15, -past 16-17), Spanish Committee Chair)

Linda Hulett, Houston (Treasurer 2012-2015, Treasurer 2015-2018, Treasurer 2019-present)

Gwen Davis (Board Member at Large 2016-2018)

Karen Whitty, Austin (President 2016-2017, -elect 15-16, past- 2017-2018)

Deb Christoph, Houston (Board Member at Large 2015-2016, President 2017-2018, -elect 2016-2017, resigned in June 2018 and did not serve as past-president)

Joe Paschall, Austin (President 20xx)

Isela Wilson, Rancho Viejo (President 20xx)

Michele Chauvin, Sugar Land (President 20xx)

Alaine Hinds, La Porte (President 20xx)

Crystal Johnson, Spicewood (Secretary 2014-2015)

Laura Boeing, Bastrop (President 20xx)

Jennifer Vincent

Beth Jones, Houston (President, Past-President)
Beth Jones