What is an affiliate?

What kind of group do I want?

— a very casual get-together of families

Who do I contact?

How do I get started?

Register here as an affiliate of TAPVI ….

How do I find other parents?

— Member database
— talk to local Teachers of the Visually Impaired and ask them to spread the word and flyers
— talk the VI Specialists at the Educational Service Centers
— talk to the local Lighthouses

How do I let other parents know to  come to an event?

— advertise on the TAPVI Facebook page
— send in information to be included on the TAPVI newsletter and website
— give flyers to TVI’s

What kinds of events can I host?

— socials or meetings at a home
— socials or meetings at multi-service centers


Multi-service centers
Local Parks
Lighthouses for the Blind


In work:

— List of affiliate leaders with contact information

— How to apply to become a local affiliate of TAPVI

— Affiliate Toolkit resources

— How do I find others like me to be in our local group?
— How do I find meeting venues or other places?
— Sign-in sheet example
— Advantages and Disadvantages of having a formal or informal group?
— How do we as a group interact with and report to TAPVI?
— What can I expect from TAPVI?
— How do we become a 501(c)3 non-profit group?
— Sample local affiliate bylaws
— How do I find speakers to come speak to our group?
— Application for grant support funds from TAPVI
— Ideas for fundraising in local areas
— How to connect with local agencies and resources