2019-06-08 TAPVI Board Meeting – Houston

The TAPVI Board met in person on June 8, 2019, 10a – 5:30p  in Houston to work on a number of items in preparation for our new fiscal year starting July 1, 2019.  We approved a new budget for the fiscal year, July 1, 2019 – June 30, 2019, started on a new strategic plan, and began to discuss how to better build and serve our affiliates.  See more info below about our meeting.

2019-06-08 TAPVI Board Meeting group photo


TAPVI Laser Etched Texas Shaped badge      


2019-06-08 TAPVI Face-to-Face Board Meeting Agenda

Officers in attendance:
Linda Hulett, Treasurer, cell: 713-553-6770, lhulett9804@yahoo.com
Alison Smith, Secretary & President-elect, cell: 832-687-7694, smith_alison@hotmail.com
Terri Johnston-Bailey, Secretary-elect, cell:  512-799-6135, TerriNCSP@gmail.com

Board Members at Large in attendance:
Meglyn Masters, Houston, 281-716-2724, iammeglyn@gmail.com

Committee Members:
Bob Smither, Webmaster, 713-443-0130, bob@smither.net
Brenda Maust, Futures Planning, 979-849-5051, bmaust@sbcglobal.net

Call to Order & Roll Call
Verify Quorum (simple majority of board members, per Bylaws Art 6 Sect 10)

Agenda Items:

1. Approval of minutes from 2019-05-14 board teleconference

2. Treasurer’s report – Linda

Balance $11,441.84
6/7 Kroger                               – 8.98  prep for 6/8 board meeting
6/7 Kroger                               -23.29  prep for 6/8 board meeting
6/7 Sam’s Club                        – 8.98  prep for 6/8 board meeting
6/7 Sam’s Club                        -54.15  prep for 6/8 board meeting
6/5 Preston’s Provisions        -13.84  mailing sign
6/4 Facebook Deposit              304.48  TAPVI Birthday FB Fundraiser
6/3 FSG Austin- R. Simpson   -63.70  affiliate support
5/28 Vistaprint                        -369.02 professional shirts – reimbursement of half cost due to late delivery will be $184.51
6/8  Chipotle                              -61.26  board meeting lunch
5/25 Paypal donation- Bob S.       4.59 while setting up the link on the website
5/24 Deposit- Alison S.                15.00  donation
5/22 Vistaprint                          -342.69  promotional items
5/14 Basecamp                          -16.24   monthly business charge

In kind donation from Bob Smither for 3 domain names of $36.
In kind donation from Brent Kubala for TAPVI wood badges, easel and poster paper.
In kind donation from Alison Smith for lanyards, some of the food for the 6/8 board meeting, use of new extension cords, and other costs related to prepping home for the use of TAPVI for our meeting on 6/8.
In kind donation from Brenda Maust of inspirational folders and bookmarks for the strategic planning session.

3.  Sharing and Informing our Work
Who are You?  Introductions – we spent some time getting to know each other better
Who are We?  Mission Statement:  Connect, Inspire and Empower Families Affected by Visual Impairment through parent connections, support and activities.
Who is TAPVI and what do we stand for?  What are our goals overall and for the coming year?  What are our focused activities and expenditures to meet those goals?

4.  Budget Review
Progress this past year in income and expenditures, review whether we have stuck to our past budget and how to improve it, and review of new proposed budget for July 1, 2019 – June 30, 2020 fiscal year.

4. Committee Reports
a.  Elections – Progress of elections, notifying the membership, installing and training new board members.  The elections were completed and we have announced our new board members!
b. Fundraising, Part 1 –
– Close out the Facebook fundraiser for TAPVI’s 15th Birthday year.  We made $304.48 so far!
– What “themed” easy fundraisers should we consider?  Valentine’s Friends and Family Facebook Fundraiser (successful in the past), board member’s birthdays Facebook fundraisers, etc.
c. Website – Website update – Re-hosted, navigation, how to make changes, etc. (short training)
d.  Webinar – We are investigating ways to make these available to our members.
e.  Social Media  – We have accounts on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and we have a website.  None of us are experts, but we are learning.  We will be looking into creating an Instagram account and a Wikipedia page.
f. Newsletter  – We distributed our May newsletter.  We will be looking into ways to reduce the cost of preparing our newsletters.  We hope to maintain a quarterly schedule to produce them and are considering themes for August, November, February and May, along with regular sections such as child/student spotlight, parent spotlight, professional spotlight, board member spotlight, resource list, affiliate news, legislative updates, etc.
g. Scholarship/Conferences/Affiliate Support – We will focus in the future on establishing and strengthening local affiliates.
h.  Affiliates – We are continuing to review the survey to determine which parents said they wanted to help with affiliates/where they are and contact them directly.  We are working on a plan for how we will support the affiliates – keep an eye out on the website in the future for more info!
i. Fundraising, Part 2 – Future needs and plans – how much do we need and how are we going to get it?  Needs:  Affiliate support, board travel, develop documents, publish newsletters, etc.  We will discuss this more as we further develop the strategic plan.

5.  Training on Future/Long-Range Planning, Marketing Plan, etc. – Brenda Maust led a discussion on the need for updates to our Mission Statement, as well as the development of a Vision Statement.  We may also consider the need for a Values Statement.  These things are often needed when applying for grants.  We will focus fundraising and spending on achieving goals relevant to our mission, to include the development of products as well as board travel to train and support, advertising and marketing, meeting venues and refreshments, affiliate leader training and support, etc.

6. Future Meeting dates
a.  Conferences and non-board meetings:
We track events in Texas to determine which conferences and meetings we are able to attend in order to learn more about what is going on in Texas and to promote TAPVI.
June 21-22, TxP2P Texas Parent to Parent Conference
June 23 TSBVI Student check-in
2020 Texas Focus
March 2020, Texas AER
June 2020 TxP2P

a. Board teleconferences are held on the 2nd Tuesday of each month, 5:30-6:30p. The proposed plan for focus for the month is identified below (subject to change!).
July 9 – fill out committee chairs and members, setting tasks for each
August 13 – develop list of contacts to begin to develop local affiliate leaders
September 10 – roll out marketing and fundraising plans
October 8 – affiliate resource development plans and documents
November 12 – flesh out resource lists for website, etc.
December 10 –
January 14 – plan for spring conference and affiliate support
February 11 –
March 10 –
April 14 – develop plan for slate of officers, elections, roll out elections to membership
May 12 – announce election results, plan for the June annual membership meeting and training of new board members and June handover
June 9 – final plans for June annual membership meeting, report on annual progress and adherence to annual budget,

b. Face to Face Board Meetings
June 23, 2019 in Austin – the TSBVI Wildcat Inn is reserved.
Possible Face-to-Face meetings – We will plan for four face-to-face meetings in the coming fiscal year, July 1 – June 30.  Some will be in Houston and some in Austin.  If we find other (free) places to meet, we can also consider those.
We must always meet at least once, in June every year, for our main annual meeting at which we install and train new board members and approve the budget for the coming fiscal year.