Hillary Rodriguez

Hillary Rodriguez joined TAPVI as a Board Member at Large in 2019 and accepted position of President Elect this year.

Hillary Rodriguez lives in Houston with her husband, Javier, and three children. Her eldest child, Madelyn, was born with bilateral micropthalmia, colobomas of the retina, optic nerve, and iris in both eyes. Madelyn is blind in her left eye and legally blind with correction in her right eye.

Serving the community has always been a passion for Hillary, who started volunteering with Texas Children’s Hospital at 16 year old. After high school graduation she attended Texas A&M Galveston where she served in SALT Camp activities and as part of the welcoming committee.

After college, she volunteered extensively with her church and continues to do so. Once she heard of the special education PTA with her district, her passion became focused more on special education. By serving on the PTA board, she gained insight to all children’s special needs which continues to influences her dedication to bring opportunities to as many kids and families as possible. Along with serving on the TAPVI board, Hillary also serves on her local special education PTA board as Treasurer with previous experience as 3rd VP of Communications.

In her own words:

“A lot of the drive and determination I have for B/VI and SPED comes from being a mom. I am always looking for new activities, new programs, and new resources that will benefit my daughter and my community. I remember being a young parent, wondering how we would navigate as a family; it’s all very overwhelming. Which is why I am very excited to be serving on the TAPVI Board to bring opportunities and resources to families.”

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